37 Hours of Labor – Birth Story


August 16, 2017 – The day my life changed forever.

It’s been eleven days postpartum and there are so many things people do not tell you once you become a mother. I finally have some time to share my story of child birth.

I was in labor for 37 hours which was the longest 37 hours of my life. It started Monday afternoon when I made a trip to the hospital after a routine check up from my OB due to baby’s heart rate dropping every time I had a contraction. I was 38 weeks and ready to pop! On Monday afternoon, after extensive monitoring in the triage room, we were finally admitted into the room where I would be delivering very shortly, or so I thought. My doctor had given me the OK to get induced Monday night since the baby was ready to come out although my cervix begged to differ since I was only 2 cm at this point.

I thought it was smooth sailing throughout the night while being monitored and checked on every two hours or so. Come Tuesday afternoon I was able to shower and have something to eat which made me feel a lot better considering I hadn’t eaten since 5pm Monday. As the day passed, my anxiety grew more and more along with my contractions which grew more painful. Around 8pm it was epidural time which meant it was almost go time!

Who knew the next 15 hours would be the hardest to get through. I was given my first epidural at 9pm Tuesday and thought this was it – “I’m numb, I’m comfy, and I’m ready to welcome our daughter.” As the night grew, the epidural started to wear off and I began feeling my contractions more and more. It got to a point where I was in excruciating pain begging for more pain medicine. Around midnight, the anesthesiologist came back and removed my epidural and replaced it with a new one saying the epidural shouldn’t wear off this time around. Boy was he in for a treat! My water ended up breaking at 1:30am and I thought for sure it was delivery time, but unfortunately it wasn’t.

My second epidural wore off after two hours or so and again I was crying in pain as each wave of contractions hit me every few minutes. No one who has a successful epidural experience ever tells you that contractions are the worst feeling in the world because when you have an epidural, you shouldn’t be feeling it. Sadly for me, my body was fighting the epidural off and I could feel everything. Looking over to my husband who felt helpless and pale, I knew he was worried sick to his stomach. Around 3:00am, the anesthesiologist came back and for the third time he replaced my epidural yet again and had spiked it with a dose of narcotics to make it stronger.

At this point I’m pretty sure I wasn’t anywhere close to delivery based on what the nurses said; I was still about 5 cm. By 4am the pain was intolerable. The epidural wore off completely and I could feel every tube running through my body from the IV, the catheter, and the contraction tube including my contractions which were coming every 2-3 minutes. I felt like I was being tortured. At some point I had begged for a c-section, but I was so close that they told me no.

For the fourth time that night, the anesthesiologist came back into my room and had said in all his 25 years of doing this, he has never had to give someone four epidurals. He ended up giving me a spinal tap which was the last resort to ease the pain. It hit me so fast, my entire bottom half was completely numb. I felt paralyzed. I couldn’t move my legs or toes and at that moment,I felt relief thinking I wasn’t going to feel anything.

By 6am the nurses had checked me and said I was 10 cm and the baby was ready to come out! I couldn’t think straight and I was physically exhausted and ready to get it over with. But with the luck I had been experiencing, I was told I couldn’t push yet because I had absolutely no feeling in my legs and was told I had to wait it out until I could move my legs before I start pushing.

It was 8am when my doctor finally arrived and said it was time to deliver this baby. I pushed for two hours. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Two hours of heavy breathing. Two hours of finding a spec on the wall and focusing on it. Two hour of looking at my husband, my rock, and my biggest supporter telling me I was doing great.

When I finally heard her cry for the first time, I knew that every painful moment I had just endured, went away. At 10:41am, weighing in at 7 LBS 7 OZ and 21.5 inches, Rylee Paige made her grand entrance. It was the most magical moment of my life holding her for the first time.

It’s incredible what a woman’s body can go through. I never knew how tough I really was until I experienced child birth.

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