Why Mommy Friends are Important

Mommy Friends

I’ve had so many girlfriends this year that have gotten pregnant or have given birth and it’s such an exciting time in all our lives as we’re becoming first time mommies. It’s amazing to see the growth of our little ones day by day and share stories with each other, but the real MVP’s are the mommas! We are constantly on the go 24/7 and even with a little downtime for ourselves, we’re still thinking about our families at home.

Once you become a mother, your whole world shifts. You never thought you could worry so much until you left your baby for the first time or the fact that you probably wear mom jeans because they have the elastic belt and they’re much more comfier and easier to put on!

Before I continue, I wanted to say that all my friends, whether they are parents or not, are amazing. What I thought was a great friendship before has only become even stronger after seeing how incredible they are with our daughter. I found that having mommy friends are so important though because they can relate 100%! New moms especially. We’ve all been in the same shoes and have experienced the same thing (some more than others), but nonetheless, mommy friends get it.

  1. They don’t judge you. We all parent in different ways, but just because we’re doing things differently, doesn’t mean we’re doing it wrong. It’s great to exchange techniques and see what works well and what doesn’t. The great thing about mom friends is they don’t make you feel bad for making choices for you child.
  2. They cry with you during the hard times and laugh with you during the good times.  One of the best feelings is having mommy friends who understand your pain and suffering when you’re home alone with a crying baby. It’s not an easy job being a SAHM so it’s nice having other moms who understand what you’re going through; the good, the bad, and the ugly!
  3. Motherhood isn’t meant to be a solo gig. Having mom friends is essential in this role because they can relate to you in every way. Yes, we have partners, but they don’t understand the importance of how poop should look or the absolute pain of breastfeeding. My mommy friends are my lifeline because I know if I have any questions, who better to ask than them?

In the end, we all come from different cultures, religion, and backgrounds, but the one thing that brings us all together is we have the responsibility of raising our tiny humans and making sure they are growing up in a happy, healthy, & loving home.




  1 comment for “Why Mommy Friends are Important

  1. October 10, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    I’m having dinner with my Mom friends that I met when my daughter was in pre- k. SHe’s a high school junior now, and we’re still close. I would not have survived motherhood without them!!!


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