From SAHM to Boss Mom – How to Transition back to Work

Boss Mom

Returning to work after a three-month leave is not easy for any first time mother. The anxiety and worry hit you really fast as you walk out that door and say goodbye to your little one for the first time. I can’t even tell you all the thoughts that crossed my mind as I was leaving her Monday morning; I felt awful to be completely honest. This little human who I carried for nine months and stayed at home with for 2.5 months, day in and day out, whom I love so much was looking at me with her innocent, sad eyes wondering why her mama was leaving her. I’m sure she actually didn’t know what was going on, but I like to think that she’ll miss me!
After being back at work for a few days now, it really hasn’t gotten easier being away from her, but I had some time to reflect on some things that I think might help the transition from being a SAHM to a Boss Mom.

  1. Don’t Feel Guilty. Guilt is a choice. I felt guilty leaving her and going back to work, but I have to remember that I’m going back to work for her. To provide for her and make sure she knows that hard work pays off.
  2. FaceTime, videos, and pictures are your Best Friend. I’m truly grateful for having my sister aka live-in-nanny watching her because she sends me pictures of my daughter all day long and I’m able to FaceTime her during lunch and breaks. It’s made the days go by faster.
  3. Treat Yourself.  You just went through a major body change – it’s not going to be easy to lose the weight or get your body back, so buy yourself some new clothes! Plus it’s a great excuse to go shopping!
  4. Cry it out the night before. The last thing you want is come Monday morning and you have puffy eyes and rosy cheeks because you couldn’t bear the fact of leaving your baby. It helped me to cry it out the night before while I was watching her sleep.
  5. Put Pictures up in your Office. I said I’d never be that mom that would be overly obsessed with their child and post pictures of her all everyday, but now that I’m a mom, I’m totally that mom! My assistant printed out pictures of my daughter and surprised me upon my return and had them framed around my desk. It was such a great surprise to come back to! On top of those pictures, I brought in my own and replaced old photos with her photos.. I mean, she is pretty cute.
  6. Keep Work & Home Separate Being away from your little one all day is hard enough so make sure once your work day is done.. don’t bring it home! Spend those after work hours enjoying the baby – put your emails and work calls on hold until the following day.
  7. Do your research on Childcare. Your transition back into work will be a lot easier if you are comfortable with your childcare arrangements. Whether it’s daycare, a babysitter, or a relative – make sure you are confident in leaving them with those people.

I definitely enjoyed my time with our new bundle of joy and the idea of returning to a fast-paced corporate life didn’t sound appealing at all, but it has been nice to have adult conversations again. Just remember that your transition back to work will cause a lot of emtional distress, but with time and patience, it will get easier.



  1 comment for “From SAHM to Boss Mom – How to Transition back to Work

  1. November 6, 2017 at 3:39 am

    I’m sure a lot of moms can relate to this. (I’m one of them) Great tips, esp #1 & #6. As for tip #5, instead of printed copies, mine were set as my desktop’s screensaver. haha Lovely post! 🙂


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