Happiness is a Choice – How to be a Happy Working Mom

Happiness is a Choice

Returning back to work hasn’t been easy, however, I’m learning that although I loved being at home for the time being, I also really love working. There are a lot of working moms and sometimes it’s not by choice, but by need. I’m learning how to handle the struggles of a work/life balance and it’s pretty difficult to be honest. Would I rather be at home playing with my daughter, doing DIY projects, and binge watching my favorite shows? Absolutely, but work is a necessity. It gives me a reason to wake up every morning, put on a suit, do my hair, & interact with adults.

When my friends or people who read my blog ask me how I make it look easy, I feel bad for telling them it’s not. It’s not easy balancing work and life with a job like mine. As a meeting planner I’m constantly on the go; emailing at stop lights, answering phone calls, in and out of meetings all day, and to top it off – my job doesn’t stop there. I need to go home and take care of my child, my house, dinner, and chores.. all while still trying to find time for me. It’s overwhelming, but I’ve found ways to make my life a little better and how to be happy while working.

  • Be honest with your boss. Now that I’m a mother, my child is my number one priority. If I have to leave early to accommodate her childcare arrangements or if I have to take her to a doctor’s appointment, I’ll drop everything and tend to her. I refuse to feel guilty for that. Some child-free colleagues may not feel the same way, but they understand. Being honest with your boss will only make this part easier.
  • Stay Organized. Something I’ve been known to do is staying organized. I’m a planner so my life consists of lists, post-its, agendas, and separation tabs. Staying organized at home and work will help ease the stress. I love making my morning to do list at work because I’m able to see what needs to be done and when. Same with my life at home. Which brings me to my next point.
  • Learn how to Manage your Time. Time management is SO important to me. I’ve been working for 13 years and I’ve perfected my time management. If the invite says be there at 6pm sharp, I am there at 5:45pm just to be ahead of the game. Managing your time while working and balancing life is hard, but set goals for the week of what you want to get accomplished and when. It makes your weeks much better.
  • Unwind. If you’re a working mom who is always on the go, you’re going to need a few minutes to unwind. Some women prefer a glass of wine, others prefer a hot bath. I prefer both! There’s a small window when my husband puts our daughter to sleep at night where I sneak in the shower and stand there enjoying the hot water for a few minutes. It relaxes me so much! Find something that helps you release all that stress.
  • Put your Phone Down. I mentioned this in my last post, but keep your work and home life separate. I know there will be times when after work hour emails come through and it’s a pressing matter, but if it’s something that can wait until the following day; let it wait. Be present with your child. Play with them. Hold them. Look at them. And talk to them. You’re away from them 8-10 hours a day, the least you can do is enjoy what time you have at home with them.

I can’t say that following these tips will make you feel guilt free from being a working mom, but it’s helped me juggle work/life a little more. Staying happy in your workplace will only make going home a great experience!

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