The Me before Mommy

Me before Mommy

Your life shifts so much when you become a parent and it’s definitely the best job you can have, but you start to feel nostalgic and think about your old life BB (Before Baby). Today I was thinking of things I miss the most before motherhood and came up with the list below.

  1. Sleeping in.  This seems like a distant memory and it makes me so sad because I love my sleep. Waking up at 5am even on my weekends to get my day started is just awful (I’m learning to love it though, but still)! My little lady is usually asleep by 9pm and awake at 5am and playful until about 8am when she falls asleep for a nap, but by 8am I’m wide awake and ready to start the day..
  2. A Clean House. I’ve always loved model homes and I thrived to have a house that looks like a model home, except now my house that was once always clean and tidy has somehow been taken over by baby furniture, blankets and burp cloths everywhere, and missing socks and mittens that I’m constantly finding.
  3. Doing Things Spontaneously. I miss going out in the middle of the night for a food run with my husband or going to grab a drink after work with my girlfriends. I even miss going to the movies without having to schedule it two weeks in advanced.
  4. Shopping for Myself without Feeling Guilty. I love shopping! I love shoes, bags, makeup, and basically anything girly. I love spending my money on a new pair of shoes or a new suit for work. Now my shopping consists of home decor and things for my little lady – which is TOTALLY okay because I love shopping for her. She’s definitely got a better wardrobe than me!
  5. Spending Quality Time with my Husband.  Although we get to spend time together with our daughter, I miss spending time with him. If we’re not spending time with our friends, we’re with our families, and then with Little Ry, but rarely do we get time to spend together. I miss showering together, spontaneous date nights, and staying in bed all day binge watching our favorite shows.
  6. Going out to Eat.  We’re huge foodies and love going to new restaurants. Now that we have a baby, it’s a lot harder to make time for fancy dinners or cute little brunch dates. Unless we have a sitter or until Rylee is old enough to behave; nice restaurants are not in the books for us!
  7. Reading More than One Book a Month. One of my favorite things is reading. I used to be able to read at least 2-3 books a month because I had so much free time. I’m lucky if I even finish one book before my monthly book club meeting!

These are all the things I miss, but I have to admit that being a new mommy is just the absolute best that all these things seem irrelevant. I don’t mind waking up early if that means I get extra snuggles and kisses from my babygirl or if I spend money on her because I know she’ll have the things she needs.. My old life was great, but my new mommy life is something else!


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