Date Night Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Try

Date night

Making time for date night with a newborn is tough, but it’s important to have quality time with your spouse every once in a while and keep things exciting. There are so many fun things I want to try with my husband and so many things that we’ve done together already that I wanted to share a list of unique date nights that you’d actually want to try! Skip dinner & a movie and try something new.

  1. Cooking Class – I’m not the world’s best cook nor do I thrive to be the next Rachel Ray, but I do put in my time in the kitchen every now and then. I think going to a cooking class would be so fun! They provide all the ingredients and do hands on teaching. It’s the perfect way to get your cooking on while spending time with your hunny.
  2. Cosmic Bowling-  I love bowling, but cosmic bowling is much more fun! Order a pitcher of beer and enjoy the neon lights!
  3. Paint & Wine – I have yet to try this, but there’s something so appealing about drinking wine and painting a picture. For someone like me who is still pretty childish, it sounds mature and something adults would actually do! I have zero artistic abilities, but I’ve heard they take you step by step in the painting process. I’m sure after a few glasses of wine, my painting will probably look like a child did it anyways.
  4. Volunteer – This is the more charitable side of me, but something I really enjoy doing is volunteering.  I don’t do it as often as I’d like, but when I do, it makes me feel good. We’re so fortunate and there’s a lot of people in need of help. Make a date out of it and volunteer at your local food bank.
  5. Go to a Concert or Sports Event – My husband and I love concerts and going to sporting events! Large crowds aren’t really our thing, but it’s awesome to see your favorite band live or your favorite team playing. Hotdogs & beer for the win!
  6. Thrift Store Shopping – We love collecting books for our bookshelves and what better way than heading to your nearest thrift store and finding some good books! On certain days you can even get them for $1. Score!

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