We did What?! – One Year Anniversary Story


My husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and I wanted to share the fun experience we had together. A few weeks back when brainstorming what to do for our anniversary, Bryce gave me a few different options. 1. Have a staycation at our favorite resort & hotel. 2. Fancy dinner at my ABSOLUTE favorite restaurant. Or 3. Bar hop around the city and try different drinks.

I had thought long and hard about what I wanted to do and had pros and cons to each option provided. 1. Although a weekend get away sounded amazing, I just wasn’t ready to leave our baby.. I love my late night snuggles and early morning kisses and wasn’t ready to give that up for a whole weekend! 2. $200++ dinner that would be devoured, but would only last for so long followed by a guilt trip for spending that much on a dinner for two. And 3. Let’s face it, I can’t hold my liquor like I used to so the thought of bar hopping made me sick to my stomach.

As I crossed each idea off the list he provided me with reasonable explanation, we put our brains together and came up with a unique idea. An idea that seemed a little far fetched and out of our comfort zone, but what the heck? We only live once! We toyed with the idea for a long time and decided that we both wanted to do it because it had significance in our lives.

On the day of our anniversary, we lounged and cuddled in the early hours with our little bug and officially got the day started around 11am. We left our daughter with the sitter and headed out for the day. It started with a trip to the tattoo parlor! Yup, for our one year anniversary, we got tattoos to honor our daughter. My husband got her birthday and I got a dainty and delicate flower with her name. It was the best idea and we both love our tattoos so much.

After we got tattoos, we grabbed lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s Bar & Grill and watched the matinee showing of Thor: Ragnarok. Safe to say I think both Bryce & I had a little crush on Thor LOL! It was the perfect day with my perfect person.


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