Quality Time with my Daughter

Happy Wednesday, loves! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Now that I’m back from a busy week, I have some time to catch you up on the time I got to spend with my daughter.

We often work too much and take for granted the time we have with our kids because we’re too busy working or preparing for the holidays. The last few months of the year are the most stressful for any mom! Getting things prepared for Thanksgiving dinner, followed by a day full of Black Friday shopping, putting up all the Christmas decorations and lights, and finding the perfect gifts for everyone!

I was fortunate to have a four day weekend which meant four glorious days I got to spend with my family. We had a full schedule and an agenda to follow, but with a three month old, you know following a schedule is out the window when they do not want to cooperate. We were lucky enough to have some really great quality time with Rylee and it made me appreciate our time together.

I think in any given situation, quality time is far better than the amount of time you spend. I may not get to spend a good chunk of the day with her, but the hours I do spend with her, are priceless. I’m able to cuddle with her when I get home for a quick catnap, bathe her before bed which happens to be her favorite thing to do, get a glimpse of her smiling, and have a full baby conversation with her chatty self! I know everyone says to cherish these moments when they are still little, but I hope when she grows up she still wants to spend time with her mom & pop.

I really envy those stay at home mamas that get to spend all day with their little loves because I wish I could be in that situation. I never really knew how much I could love someone until I had a child of my own.


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