Santa Isn’t the Only One Coming to Town!

The reason why Christmas time is my favorite time of the year has to do with magical things happening during this time. On December 19, 2015 Bryce got down on one knee  and asked me to marry him and just about a year later, I told him he was going to be a daddy. And this year is extra magical because we’ll be celebrating our first Christmas with our daughter. There’s always something amazing that has happened during the holidays and I’d love to share some hidden files that I haven’t shared with anyone else in my little corner of the internet.

Shortly after we got married and returned from our once in a lifetime honeymoon in Tahiti, I was scrambling around the get my last name officially changed before the year ended. I truly understand why some women forego getting their last names changed; because it’s such a hassle to do it. Thankfully all I had left was to change my driver’s license and I’d officially be Mrs. Estephany Pierce! On December 22, 2016  I had noticed that I was a week late and thought it could just be from the pressure of getting things done, last-minute shopping, holiday stress you know? But one of our best friends and Bryce’s cousin, Devon, had told me to take a test just to be sure. He had been with me all day at the DMV while Bryce was at work and on our way home we stopped at the pharmacy and he bought me a party pack of pregnancy tests! As if I needed seven tests to be sure!

Now it may seem a little out of the ordinary to have your husband’s cousin be in the next room while you are taking your pregnancy test, BUT in my defense, if I was pregnant, I wanted to make sure that Bryce got an extra special Christmas gift. Plus, Devon was living with us at the time and there was no way to avoid him lol. After the first test read PREGNANT I thought that maybe it was false so I waited a few hours and took two more after that and sure enough, each test came back positive, but to be on the safer side, I took one more the following morning which confirmed for the fourth time that I was in fact pregnant.

As Devon and I brainstormed ideas of how or when to tell Bryce, I knew Christmas morning was the day to tell him. I had to keep a secret from him for three days and even though it doesn’t seem long, it was the longest three days of my life!

As Christmas morning came, the three of us; Bryce, Devon, and myself opened up all our presents under the tree. One by one each of us got things we wanted from each other. When we were all done, there was one more gift under the tree for Bryce…….


This Christmas will be the best one yet! Happy Holidays from my family to yours! 🙂

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