5 Things I Want to do to My House This Year


We’ll be approaching our first year in our new house! As every woman idolizes their favorite interior designer and appreciates a good home makeover, these are five things I plan to accomplish this year!

  1. Backyard Oasis for Rylee. We have a small backyard as is, but this cute little corner would fit perfectly tucked under the tree we have in the back. I would just love for Rylee to have a place to play in the backyard! AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-3
  2. Convert our loft into an actual office space. Right now our loft is a big lump sum of everything! Laundry, office, junk, and storage for unnecessary things. I’d love to turn it into a functional office space and keep it clean! 0bbb581a231e9583ca3189127afb7753
  3. Master Bedroom Makeover. I’ve always loved how a tufted bed-set looked and I’d love to get one this year and give our master bedroom a full makeover! I’ll be 30 this year and if my husband refuses to buy new bedroom furniture, I may have to spoil myself & make the executive decision LOL! I mean, who wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed like this?!62c6067b9a440e5c44f133eec17ee664
  4. Redo the staircase. Personally, I’m not a fan of our staircase or upstairs to be honest for the only reason being that I hate the carpet. It’s shaggy and a little old so redoing the staircase & upstairs with hardwood flooring would probably be first on my list.                                     9a97079551d6dee98967e87b94ac602e
  5. Rylee’s Bookshelf. Something that my husband & I love is reading which means we have tons of books! It’s only natural that Rylee will have lots of books. I would love to set up a corner of her room with a reading area. 5bcefcc905e602c60a5c7eb38b71e655

This is a tall order of things to accomplish, but I’ve got big dreams for our home this year and I know that I can’t give up on them! These things are what makes a home and I’ll work my butt off to check each one off the list!


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