Review Wednesdays – Baby’s First Toys

So Christmas was obviously a huge holiday for us considering Rylee had her first Christmas extravaganza with both families! With that being said, she got so much toys which my husband & I are grateful for because that means we don’t have to buy her toys for the next year or so!

We had a chance to open up a few toys which have turned into Rylee’s everyday favorite items to play with.

  1. Sophie le Girafe Teething Toy. This this is a Godsend. She loves her Sophie so much! The squeaking gets her attention right away if she is crying and has a lot of flexibility to chew on basically every part of the giraffe. We received this toy as a gift from our friends and it was honestly one of my favorite gifts that Rylee got. It’s such a simple toy, but it does wonders!15286048_Alt01
  2. Fred Buff Baby Dumbbell Baby Rattle. Ok, this thing is hilarious! My husband lifts often and when he found out I got this rattle for Rylee he was so happy! It doesn’t do much, but it serves it’s purpose of rattling. It’s super light and it’s perfect for baby gains! šŸ™‚71dlFICQqgL._SL1500_
  3. Baby Einstein’s Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper. This bouncer is so fun! There is so much to look at and do. This has kept Rylee occupied for at least an hour.. Put her in this, put Moana on the TV and it’s golden! I can get so much done. One of my favorite features of this jumper is the sound control.. There’s two settings and it’s really nice that you can adjust the volume. And also the seat rotates so your LO can literally play with every angle of this jumper.Ā baby-einstein-neighborhood-symphony-activity-jumper--310A5E10.zoom

Needless to say – we are lucky to have toys that keep the little ones occupied!

Happy Wednesday! šŸ™‚

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