Review Wednesday- Nested Bean

Happy Wednesday, loves! I received the Nested Bean a few weeks ago in hopes that my daughter will sleep through the night. Like any sleep deprived parent trying to find a solution to keeping their little one fast asleep, I saw the ad for the Nested Bean and thought it was such a cute and simple sleeping sack! It’s 100% cotton, easy to use, and has a little bean on their chest which is designed to mimic the reassuring pressure of your palm when they sleep.

We co-sleep with our daughter and before I hear any judgement about it, hear me out;  statistics prove that parents get more sleep when they co-sleep because they aren’t waking up every few hours running back and forth from their room to their kids room. We’ve tried putting her in her crib and she’s maybe slept in there a handful of times, but each time I’ve had to wake up 3-4 times a night putting her pacifier in her mouth or feeding her. I’m a firm believer of co-sleeping because in recent months, Rylee was sleeping perfectly fine in our bed for long stretches of the night which meant we were getting sleep too. I’d wake up once to feed her, but she was fast asleep shortly after.

Now that she’s almost six months, she’s hit a sleep regression which is causing her to wake up more frequently. She’s also teething and probably learning new skills, but I’ve tried multiple times to use the Nested Bean on her and it hasn’t been as effective as I wish it was. It’s such a cozy “grow in” blanket, however, Rylee just won’t stay asleep in it. It’s definitely comfortable and has enough room for your little one to grow.

They offer multiple styles and colors which is great! I would still recommend this product for parents, however for us, this product isn’t the best method for putting my daughter to sleep.

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