The Water is Wide by Natalie Banks

This post will be a little different than my usual posts, but all my book lovers will appreciate this.

Everyone has their own hobbies and one of mine is reading. Books are such a great way to escape reality and get lost between the pages of an exciting story. I’ve been lucky to be a part of a book club for the last three years with some of the sweetest girls who I can call some of my best friends. We meet once a month for brunch to discuss the book we selected the previous month. This past weekend we had the pleasure of having an exclusive FaceTime interview with the author of our latest read, Ms. Natalie Banks! It was such an amazing and intimate experience that I got to share with my closest girlfriends.

For those of you looking to read an epic romance novel, The Water is Wide will fuel all your desires. It’s full of love, pain, loss, mystery and most of all, fate. I really enjoyed this book and I’m glad we were able to pick the authors brain a little.

Where did your inspiration and ideas come from for this book? Well, it’s difficult to say sometimes.. my mind can be a little erratic so it just popped in my head. I had seen a movie some time back where a lady saw a man that looked like her dead husband and it wasn’t.. you know, it’s completely unrelated. It kind of stuck with me like everything does and one day I was like “what would happen if she saw him and it was her husband”? and so that’s kind of how the idea started marinating and simmering until I came up with the entire plot. 

Is there any truth behind your book or is it purely fiction? It’s all fiction! I mean I’ve heard stories especially after the book came out! 

Why sons in the story when you have daughters? I actually have 2 sons! That’s a great question. My creative mind is a little ..a mind of it’s own let’s say. When I’m writing, the story kind of just comes to me. It’s not like I plan it out really, like with the plot, I kind of had a skeleton idea and then I just start writing.  I’m not really one of those writers that make like the posters or the bullet points and everything. I just write. And so I don’t really think ahead. I know that sounds really strange, but they were meant to be boys! It was fate! 

We all really loved the Kindred Spirit Mailbox, the messages of hope.. Is it really in Wilmington? It is! You should Google it. It’s a really neat thing. It’s special! 

Where do you write? Where’s your setting? Is it in your house? Is it on a beach? Or a little coffee shop? The house and the beach. When I wrote The Water is Wide I actually wrote it in my living room, but now I kind of have a little place.. it’s a sun room where I put my desk and write there now. 

Thank you, Natalie for speaking with us! We cannot wait to read your next novel and maybe one day visit Wilmington! Click here to order your copy of The Water is Wide today, you won’t regret it!

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