First they Steal your Heart, and then they Steal your Bed.

When my daughter was born I knew that she was going to be sleeping in her bassinet by our bed for the first few months and right around the three-month mark, she somehow migrated into our bed a few times a week and here we are at six months and she’s taken up 40% of the bed to herself every night. We tried transitioning her into her crib around 3-4 months, but as first time parents we didn’t know how to do that without having any problems. I thought, “sure, just put her in her crib and she’ll sleep just fine!” boy was I wrong. I guess that’s why they call it the “tansitioning phase”.

The first time we put her in her crib, she tossed and turned and cried all hours of the night until we brought her into our room. I don’t know if she was going through a sleep regression or genuinely hated her crib, but she would not sleep a full night and til’ this day, she still hasn’t. We figured that consistency is key and the more she slept in her crib, the more she’d become used to it, but we just couldn’t get this kid to stay in there.

It then occurred to me that if she is sleeping all night while she sleeps in our bed, what’s the harm in doing so? Again, no one teaches you these things and you kind of have to roll with what works for you & your family. The harm in her sleeping in our bed is not the fear of getting tangled in blankets, but a black eye in the morning due to her little fists hitting my face or the fact that she has learned to turn 180 degrees in bed which has resulted of her little feet pressed against my face in the middle of the night.

The pros of co-sleeping for me is she’s right next to me which makes it easier for those late night feedings because I don’t have to get out of bed. She feels safe because she is nuzzled right next to us. She’s also a little cuddle bug and I’ve noticed she has to be touching my face or arm for her to fall asleep. Oh the sweet moments. The cons of co-sleeping is it interferes with husband-wife relations. Mommy and daddy need that quality time and having her in the bed diminishes that. She takes up 40%, my husband takes up 35% of the bed which leaves me with 25% of the bed.. right in the middle of them. So while I have one little baby that wants to cuddle, I also have my big baby that wants to cuddle too!

What are some of your pros and cons of co-sleeping?



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