6 Month Milestones

Happy Friday, loves! Today is a special day because our little love is six months! It’s been such a fun time for our family because she is finally playful and full of life. Granted that it’s been a hard six months juggling full time jobs, school, family, friends, & Rylee, but there are so many great times with her that it really cancels out the hardships we’ve seen so far.

Two months ago I was worried that she wasn’t hitting her milestones, but then I realized that babies go at their own pace and she never showed any signs of underdevelopment so I just let her be and here we are today totally hitting all her major milestones!

  • She is rolling all over the floor! She’s extremely flexible and loves to roll from her back to her stomach, but still struggles a little rolling from her stomach to her back.
  • She’s sitting up by herself. We recently got her a Bumbo because she wasn’t sitting on her own yet and a few days after we got the Bumbo, we noticed a huge improvement with her sitting. She was able to sit unsupported for a few minutes and she’s only getting better.
  • One thing she’s not doing 100% yet is sleeping, but do they ever?! She’s gotten better, but she still has many nights where she’s awake at all hours of the night. We’ve tried just about everything and regardless of how much this little babe loves to sleep, she just won’t sleep at night!
  • She loves eating solids! One of the most fun things is watching her eat. She’s so funny still learning how to eat, but now that she’s gotten the hang of it, she devours her food like nothing! She loves green beans, squash, & bananas.
  • She recognizes familiar people & toys. It’s been so great coming home after a long day of work to see her smiling and getting excited that mommy & daddy just walked through the door. She’s so aware of her surroundings and knows what toys she wants to play with.

Life with Rylee is basically the best life! I can’t wait to see how the next six months go!




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