Safety First! (& I mean Car Seat Safety)

This last week my daughter turned six months and we had to adjust her car seat straps. It dawned on me that she is growing so quickly that in a matter of time she’ll be growing out of her infant car seat and moving into a big girl car seat in no time. As first time parents we didn’t have a clue on what kind of car seat to get other than what looked safe and easy to use. Let me tell you; there is so much more to a car seat than that! Thankfully I was approached by with a guide to the best infant car seats & the best convertible car seats for my daughter.

Based on their survey’s, the best infant car seat is UPPAbaby Mesa which is basically the dream car seat parents can ask for! MESA is the industry’s first SMART Secure system which is the only infant car seat with a unique technology indicator and self-retracting latch connectors for easy installation. It also has an indicator that shows red for “Incorrectly Installed” and green for “Correctly Installed” – I mean, how cool is that? Along with The Smart Secure System, MESA also has a Side Impact Protection which is designed to keep your infant’s head in place during a side impact collision. The UPPAbaby Mesa comes with a hefty price tag, but can you really put a price on your child’s safety?

As we transition into the the best convertible car seats, recommends that the Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat is top notch! I did some digging on this car seat and I may have to get this for my daughter as she grows. It is both rear facing and forward facing, but my favorite part about it is it has nine reclining positions to accommodate a wider range of vehicles. It also has premium latch connectors and a SuperCinch tightener to achieve a secure installation. I’d be hesitant to purchase it based on the price, however, with all the unique features this car seat has to offer, I just might have to!

Thank you for sharing these fun articles! You can read more here –

Infant car seat:

Convertible car seat:

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