Review Wednesday – Nomi+Sibs

Happy Wednesday, Loves! You know when you have play dates and it seems like all the little babes have the same bottles or sippy cups as your little babe does? The answer for that is Nomi+Sibs personalized labels. I discovered a new product out there that is so simple but makes a big difference for both parents and the little ones. I’ve partnered with Nomi+Sibs to promote their personalized, silicone engraved name labels. These things are so adorable and when I first received them I knew we’d be using them often!

These labels are sustainable, toxin-free, and adaptable labels great for bottles, sippy cups, thermos’ and small snack containers. The purpose of these labels is not only to help your child identify colors and items, but also to never confuse another bottle or sippy cup during play dates! They come in different colors and they’re dishwasher safe. They come in a pack of four and the packaging is minimal, which is great!

You can get your pack now at Nomi+Sibs using the promo code “decodingmotherhood” to get a discount off your order!


*Thank you to Nomi+Sibs for sponsoring this post. All opinions are of my own. I am delighted to share their products with you. *

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