Limiting Screen Time in a Digital World

While my daughter is still fairly young I want to implement something that I’m a huge advocate for and that’s limiting screen time. We live in a digital world now and while iPads, game consoles, computers, etc.. may keep the kids busy and quiet, I think it’s important to limit those times and teach them shapes, colors, and sounds the old fashion way. Babies learn best from people! The more you interact with them, the more familiar they’ll become with your voice vs. the characters on the TV.

I’ve noticed that Rylee loves sitting in front of the TV or iPad while her movies are on, granted there’s sound and colors that get her attention, but I don’t want her getting too attached and dependent on those things. I read an article from CNN that I found so interesting. They state, “For parents with infants, cutting off technology completely can be challenging. But banning screen time for babies is hugely important for brain development and healthy parent-child connections. If parents’ attention is fixed on a TV or phone screen, babies are deprived of that attention; and if they are repeatedly neglected in favor of digital media, children may develop behavioral issues in the future.

With that being said, I found some really fun sensory activities for babies that I can’t wait to try with my daughter!


Sensory Play Ideas for Babies

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