Keeping it Together

People often ask me how I keep my cool and stress levels down.. The secret is I don’t. I have my wonderful husband to vent to on a daily basis about work, plans, and basically everything! That’s the great thing about him though, he just listens. I may have a lot going on in my life, but that definitely doesn’t mean I don’t stress. I think I’ve just found ways to keep it cool.

Being a full-time meeting planner is tough. The hours are long, the clients are hit or miss, and there’s times when weekends have to wait because I’m working an event. On top of that, I find time to hang with my squad (daughter & husband), read a least two books a month and meet for my monthly book club meeting, run our family photo booth business, focus on blogging, run my decodingmotherhood Instagram and personal Instagram, and make time for our friends and family. I love being busy, but it’s not an easy job!

Below are my secrets to keeping it together and staying organized!

  1. Utilize your calendar! I never knew how much I rely on my calendar to keep me in check. Below is a little snippet of how I keep my calendar organized. Green are large groups my team and I manage, the purple are the groups I mange, blue are daily meetings, and yellow are personal events. I literally would not know how to function without my calendar. calendar
  2. Delegate cleaning and organizing tasks! My husband and I like to joke and say we live in a frat house because we constantly have people coming and going. We have a funky little family with crazy schedules and we only have three bedrooms which one is dedicated to being a guest room which complicates things when my sister is in town and wants to stay with us, but we also have our cousin who is a flight attendant who gets room rights during his stay, and my other sister who is also our live in nanny! Talk about a full house right? But with that being said, our house is always a mess. Being the mom of the house, I delegate everyone on the weekend to do their set of chores. It’s actually pretty great because the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathrooms are all spic and span and all I had to do was tell them. #momwinscontent_df66c5f3546937d7df51ae5a538504a3
  3. Schedule Date Nights and Friend Dates. Living in a chaotic world requires some sanity which typically means going out with your friends or significant other and leaving the little babes at home. We all need to unwind sometimes and for some of us, that means endless laughter with those closest to you and a bottle of wine. pexels-photo-696218
  4. Find time for yourself. This is so important and probably the most underrated of them all because some mothers don’t think they deserve an hour or two to themselves because they’re so busy taking care of everyone else, but they really do. I take advantage of this when I can and it usually results in manicures and pedicures, bubble baths, or a long nap under the covers. pexels-photo-534116


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