Things People Don’t Tell You – Labor, Delivery, & Recovery

I was reflecting this past weekend as I was spending time with my little family and it dawned on me that my baby girl is going to be eight months in a few weeks! Seriously, where has the time gone? My husband and I always talk about wanting to have more kids or when the best time to start trying is and when I think about how hard these eight months have been, I think it’s safe to say that we won’t be trying for about another year or so lol. We love spoiling Rylee with love and attention and I’m just not ready for another one just yet!

It got me thinking about my pregnancy though and how great of a pregnancy I had until I hit my third trimester. For those of you who don’t know, I had a really difficult third trimester and had kidney issues (what the doctor had thought), which resulted in me having a tube inserted in my lower back and a drainage bag attached at my hip until I had to deliver. Super inconvenient and embarrassing, but then it brought me to my topic today; the sh*t no one tells you about labor, delivery, & recovery.


  • Labor is nothing compared to how you see it happening in movies.
  • You feel extremely exposed and violated because of all the nurses that come in and out of your room to check on you every few hours to see how much you’ve dilated.
  • If you’re getting an epidural, you’re also getting a catheter down there. It’s really uncomfortable, but the good thing is, you won’t feel anything down. Downside is you won’t be able to get out of your bed until your baby has finally arrived!
  • You can’t eat when you’re in labor. I literally went 19 hours with no food or water and was miserable. Ice chips are your best friend!
  • There’s a lot of waiting around.
  • Contractions are painful! Take it from someone who had to go through four epidurals because the medicine kept wearing off. I felt every contraction and it was awful. At one point I was begging for a c-section because I couldn’t take the pain anymore.


  • You wanna talk about being exposed?? During delivery you are sprawled open with a light shining on your whoo-ha while not only your doctor, but 4-5 nurses are watching you push.
  • The doctors encourage your significant other to look because that’s your baby being born.
  • There’s a good chance you’ll poop on the table. Thank God it didn’t happen to me, but I’ve heard horror stories of that happening!
  • Once you’ve pushed out your 7 pound babe, you still have to deliver the placenta. All you want to do is have skin to skin with your baby or watch them being washed, but that’s not the case. Thankfully pushing out the placenta is quick.
  • There’s a good chance you’ll get stitches down there if you start to tear during delivery.
  • You will cry the first time you see your beautiful baby girl/boy.


  • The first time you gain feeling back to your legs is really weird. The nurses will be in and out of your delivery room to check on you.
  • You will have to be accompanied by a nurse the first time you get out of bed and go to the bathroom.
  • There is so much blood. SO. MUCH.
  • The first time you pee will feel so weird and a little painful.
  • Your stomach does not go back to normal.. I poked my stomach multiple times during my stay at the hospital and it was so jiggly and flabby, like jello.
  • Sitting, walking, getting in bed or in a car for the first time is going to be difficult. Make sure your significant other can help support you getting around.

Tips I Suggest:

  • Bring your own undies & pads post delivery. The ones they give you at the hospital are cheap and don’t work really well (in my opinion).
  • Wear flowy dresses postpartum. They’re convenient when having to use the restroom.
  • Most hospitals are pro-breastfeeding, but the honest truth is breastfeeding is extremely challenging for most women. If you choose to give your baby formula, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about not breastfeeding.
  • Give yourself credit! You had your baby in you for nine months. You are a rock star and a total badass.

Last but not least:

I know it sounds super scary and borderline stressful, but the truth is, I would go through all of this again if that meant I got to bring another beautiful soul into this world. Pregnancy and motherhood has changed me for the better. Although the experiences I had still bring back a lot of memories and feelings, I’m living my best life having a daughter that I can share this with one day.

  4 comments for “Things People Don’t Tell You – Labor, Delivery, & Recovery

  1. Elisabeth
    April 2, 2018 at 9:35 pm

    Thank you for posting such an honest account of your birth experience. Birth is so much more than we’re led to believe. More women need to share so we all know the truth.


  2. Elisabeth
    April 2, 2018 at 9:46 pm

    This is all I could manage, my anger towards how I was treated after because my story wasn’t scary.


  3. Elisabeth
    April 2, 2018 at 9:46 pm

    But you’ve inspired me that maybe I need to try again!


    • April 2, 2018 at 9:55 pm

      Omg, Elisabeth! I just read your post and I’ll reply to you on there, but thank you for your comments. I really appreciate that.

      Liked by 1 person

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