Separation Anxiety, it’s a thing.

Happy Wednesday, loves! Wow, it has been some time hasn’t it? To say the least, the last two months have been extremely busy for me and I’m finally in a place where I have some time to get back into writing.

Our girl is nine months and she is all over the place! It’s so fun to see her personality coming out a little more each day. At her nine month checkup, her doctor expressed that at this age, babies tend to get separation anxiety from their parents and I’m definitely feeling it. She’s developed a sense of need to be around us or held by us. If we’re not in sight, she panics and cries looking for us.

Some helpful tips on how we’ve been dealing with separation anxiety include –

  • Arrange childcare with familiar faces. This helps so much when we leave for work because she is left with someone she is already comfortable with and knows. She also goes to this person willingly which is a great help when I need to pass her around for a few minutes.
  • Practice separation at home. Allow your baby to crawl or venture off in another room (safe, but unsupervised) where you are not in sight and give them a few minutes before going to get them. Also telling them that you’ll be right back gives them a sense of trust when you do come back for them. It reassures them that mommy and daddy will be back to get them.
  • Keep your goodbyes short and simple. Once you leave for the day, leave. Coming back multiple times to say goodbye or you forgot something in the house makes your baby think that you’re coming back to get them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my clingy little babe, but it can definitely be exhausting and make you feel frazzled, but remember it’s only temporary. Spend some extra uninterrupted time without your devices with your little one. Read them more books, play with them, or even take naps with them. We work so much that 80% of our days are not spent with our kids.. We need to remember that they’re only clingy because they love us. Reciprocate those feelings in return.


Here’s a little update picture of Rylee!


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