Transitioning from stress to relief

I’ve been at my new job for about a week and a half and I can already tell I’m loving every minute of this transition. As you guys know, the hotel industry doesn’t stop for anyone. I spent countless times stressing about things that were not in my control and I came from working 10-13 hour days, having two phones, constantly worrying about my groups and how my inbox will look in the morning, and the list goes on. I was always stressed and it just wasn’t worth being unhappy. So I knew I had to make a change to better myself.

I’ve been working in a doctors office and the change is incredible. I work in a small office with seven people and it’s seriously a breath of fresh air. I do a ton of little administrative tasks, checking in patients, organizing, and inputting data into reports and it makes me wonder why I didn’t leave the hotel sooner. I’m able to clock out, leave work behind and go home to my family and enjoy time quality time with them.

We’ve been slowly working on fixing up the house and I can’t wait to share all the fun things we’ve done! We’ve opened up our dining and living room to accommodate all of Rylee’s toys (pictures to follow), I’m slowly working on her bedroom and creating a space she can play in when we’re upstairs, and hopefully by the fall, our backyard will be ready to host gatherings with a fully furnished backyard.

With all the extra time and energy, I’ve definitely felt a sense of relief. I’m currently happy with where I am and how the next few months are looking!

Below are just a few tips I have for anyone thinking of making a change in their work life:

  • Take the risk. My biggest dilemma in all of this was trying to figure out if risking my job to do something else was worth it and I went back and forth multiple times before making the jump.
  • Get rid of the fear you have. I was legitimately scared to leave because I didn’t want anyone to judge me for leaving behind a great career or to burn any bridges, but once I got rid of that fear, I felt unstoppable. I knew I made the right decision.
  • Just do it. We all want what’s best for ourselves and our families and sometimes you just need to rip the band-aid off and just do it.

If you’re having ABC problems, I feel bad for you. I got 99 problems, but my ABC’s ain’t one!

Rylee was gifted with these dope books from @thelittlehomie and they couldn’t have come at a better time. As she nears her first birthday, we’ve been reading to her a little more each day and teaching her, her ABC’s & 123’s. These books are for the next generation of OG’s.

I grew up listening to hip hop and rap, and these books showcase some of the greatest artists of our time. The reason I love these books are the illustrations and the simplicity of it. There’s no fancy sentences or anything complicated about it. Just books full of culture and creativity.

Thank you, The Little Homie for providing such a fun book for the little babes in the world!

Why Taking a Step Back is Important.

I knew having a baby would change everything, but I didn’t realize how hard it would be trying to balance a career and a newborn baby. I totally get it now though. I’ve been working in the hotel industry for six years and more recently I’ve been a meeting planner for the last three years. I thought running down this path with a baby wouldn’t be as hard as I’ve found it to be the last year. I came back from maternity leave in October and I’ve seen things more clearly than I ever have.

I never used to mind the long days, working weekends, sometimes working 14 days straight, having two phones, etc.. but when I came back and was in a situation where I had to work 12-15 hour days and weekends, I began to dread it because I knew waiting for me at home was the sweetest little babe and I couldn’t do anything about it because I had to work. I didn’t have the typical 9am – 5pm Monday-Friday job that allowed me to be at home more and for months I was unhappy at work knowing that I could be doing something else that wouldn’t require so much attention and stress. But what could I really be doing if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now??

I was at ends trying to figure out what I truly wanted; to be a #BossMom and juggle my life as a meeting planner and move up in the corporate world or be a more present mom who was able to come home after work less stressed and probably happier. That’s when my decision was easy – I value my family so much that I just can’t bear to sacrifice a few years of missing out on my daughter’s life just so I can move up the corporate ladder. I am completely fine taking a step back in my career if that means I can be there when my daughter needs me and when she hits all her big milestones. The thought of having to work as much as I’m working as a meeting planner is daunting to be honest.

I can’t say that it’s the best decision I’ve ever made because it is scary venturing into the unknown, but it’s the best decision for my family right now. I am so relieved and happy that I’ll be able to dedicate more time to Rylee, my husband, & myself. I’ll be working in a Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon’s office where I’ll get to leave my work at work everyday and that is truly one of the best things to come!