Hooray Heroes

I remember growing up, my mom would always read to me and I remember falling in love with books at a young age. One of my very first birthdays, my parents got me a princess book, but to my surprise it was a personalized book specially for me! Each page was curated with my name included and a part of the story. As a kid, you have no idea how happy I was! Since then, I’ve always loved personalized books.

Now that I have a daughter, I was so excited when hooray heroes sent my Rylee girl her very own personalized book; When Rylee Grows Up. This book is such a cute gift and gives your kids a sense of imagination of what they can be when they grow up! I was able to edit the characters to fit the description of how Rylee looks and got the opportunity to select 10 different careers to add to the story. The book turned out great and of course my girl loved it!

We were able to add a sweet little note at the beginning of the book and we gifted it to her on her first birthday! As she gets older and begins to read and understand, this book will definitely be more valuable, but for right now, I’m okay snuggling up with her and reading it to her at night while she looks at the pictures!

Thank you, Hooray Hero’s for giving something my daughter will keep for years to come!

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