Disneyland Recap

This past weekend we took Rylee to Disneyland for the first time with my whole family – mom, dad, both sisters and both their boyfriends. Needless to say it was quite an experience. When my friends all told me their kids had a blast when they went the first time and they loved the characters and got perfect pictures, I was hoping for that kind of experience with Rylee, but what we ended up getting was a fussy baby half the day who wouldn’t smile for any pictures lol. I was racking my brains out trying to figure out why she wasn’t having a good time and then it dawned on me – we were with a big group of people vs just the three of us. We were on everyone else’s schedule and not Rylee’s.

It was a lot for her to take in and I’m sure overwhelming. We went first thing in the morning and left really late at night. The biggest thing was everyone was trying to make the most of their ticket (rightfully so) and we ended up riding only a few rides and saw three characters. The biggest mistake in my opinion was going with a big group. I’m already planning our Disney Do-Over trip which will include being on Rylee’s schedule to ensure she enjoys it herself!

But I am really happy that we got to experience Disneyland with my family because now we know that although more people means more help during the day, it also calls for a stressful day overall. There was a moment that melted my heart though and it was at the end of the night after we rode It’s a Small World and I had bought Rylee a Dumbo plush and when I gave it to her, her face had lit up more than we’d seen all day! A simple toy was more than enough for her.

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