Rylee’s Playroom

Happy Friday, loves! Took me long enough to get this post together but with the demand of a toddlers attention, you can’t really blame me. I finally feel somewhat satisfied with Rylee’s playroom and I know I’ll still be constantly trying to improve it, but as of now, I like the simplicity of how it’s turned out.

We decided to turn Rylee’s room into a playroom for the time being seeing as she is still sleeping in our room. The decision for us to keep her toddler bed in our room was simple; we made the decision early on to co-sleep with her and in return has been a blessing and curse lol. Blessing for all the sleep we’ve been able to get but a curse because now she’s hooked. She’s gotten so used to sleeping with us that we knew she had no familiarity of her own room so when we transitioned her to a toddler bed, we knew it had to stay in our room until she felt more at ease in her own room.

We wanted to make her playroom a place she can feel comfortable in and play in for a good chunk of the day. Once she realizes it’s her room and feels comfortable being alone in there, we’ll begin to transition her bed in there. Everyone parents differently and has different point of views, but it’s about what works for you and your family. This situation works for us and we couldn’t be more satisfied.

A lot of her toys are stored away in bins in her closet and hidden in baskets or little storage containers. I loved the idea of having a magnet board so I decided to add one to her room which fit perfect under her window. I’m still in search of ABC magnets! Her books are also separated by board books which she gravitates towards more and then her paper books which Bryce or I tend to read to her since we have control of her not ripping the pages. A few things you can’t really see is all her headbands, bows, sunglasses, and accessories stored away – she LOVES accessories! She’ll put on all her bracelets and sunnies and strut her way to her mirror – seriously the cutest thing. The storage bins from IKEA are simple, hold a lot of stuff and look great on the shelves.

One thing I’ve learned In remodeling her room is storage bins are the best thing! We really maximized the space in her closet by stacking storage bins on top of each other and storing all her unopened toys and misc. things. We’ll be rotating her toys every few weeks to keep her engaged and wanting to play in her room more often!

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